Have a gluten-free loved one that you’d like to give a gift too? Not sure what you should give? Of course, check out their wishlist but here’s a list of safe options as well.

In general, clothing, kitchen, and household items are safe. Food items might be a bit more difficult to source as everyone’s gluten-free lifestyle is a bit different. One thing I’ve learned is that a good gift isn’t something you got as a good deal. A good gift is something of value that will prove helpful to the one receiving the gift.

My number one tip for gift giving is to buy gifts off of their wishlist. If you can’t access their wishlist, don’t worry! I have your back.

Here are my favorite gluten-free kitchen, body, and home gifts. Hopefully, this 2019 Gluten-Free Holiday Gift Guide provides you with some inspiration.2018 Gift Guide - Tayler Silfverduk DTR - #glutenfreeholidays #glutenfreegifts #glutenfreegiftguide #glutenfreekitchen #glutenfreechristmas #glutenfreehanukkah #glutenfreegiftguide #DTR #celiacgifts #celiacgiftguide #holidaytips #glutenfreeholidaytips

For the Kitchen

Gifts for the kitchen are perfect for newly diagnosed gluten-intolerant individuals or celiacs. Especially since newly diagnosed folk need to restock their kitchens with uncontaminated and safe kitchen wares.

However, these gifts aren’t just for the newly diagnosed. A gluten-free lifestyle typically involves a lot of cooking at home making these kitchen wares perfect for any gluten-free individual.

Vegetable Spiralizer

You can choose between a handheld super affordable vegetable spiralizer or a beasty ultimate spiralizer, but either way, these gadgets are a must for your gluten-free friends. If they don’t have one already, be sure to get them one because now they can pasta-fy anything and everything in their kitchen (yes I did just make that word up).

Cutting Board

There are two routes you can follow when it comes to gifting a cutting board. You can get a beautiful one that represents their personality (like this white marble styled cutting board or this pineapple shaped cutting board) or you can go the functional route and by them a nice wood chopping block.

Some cute add-ons for these gifts might be a nice sharp knife to add along with the cutting board. Or alternatively, if you gifting a large wood cutting board, providing a special wood cutting board cleaner to go along with it could be nice too.

Knife Set

When you have celiac disease, you spend a lot of time preparing home-cooked meals. This means a lot of chopping and cutting. Do you know what the most dangerous tool in the kitchen is? A dull knife. Buying your loved ones a nice sharp knife set is a great way to support their lifestyle and keep them safe in the kitchen.

Baking Sheet + Reusable Mat

If you have any newly diagnosed friends or even loved ones who have a gross baking sheet (like me), this can be a nice gift. Newly diagnosed people with celiac disease, typically have to go through the process of replacing their kitchen wears to avoid CC from their previous gluten-filled lives. This means they have to say bye-bye to their trusty dusty baking sheets.

Gifting baking sheets with a reusable baking mat is an awesome gift because it helps restore their kitchen and reduces the need for buying parchment paper. Basically, it improves both their home environment and the outdoor environment.

Beautiful Measuring Cups

Do your friends or family lack entire measuring cup sets? Are they constantly scrambling to find the tsp? Gift them a beautiful complete measuring cup and spoon set. Bonus, these would also make awesome stocking stuffers.

My favorite measuring cup and spoon sets include this gold measuring cup and spoon set, this color blocked black and gold set, and this copper set.

Stand Mixer

While Kitchen Aid mixers are the gold standard of home use stand mixers, this stand mixer is a much more affordable option and will still get the job done. Either way, a stand mixer is a must in a gluten-free person’s kitchen.

Cupcake Carrier

Being gluten-free often means that you’ll be left out of the food part of parties. That’s okay, I advocate always being prepared and bringing your own dish to enjoy to ensure you aren’t left out completely. That’s where cupcake carriers come in. These are perfect for your gluten-free friends to use when transporting their own safe treats to parties and gatherings.


Everyone needs a ninja in their kitchen. I am serious. It’s perfect for when you want to quickly chop something without hauling your massive food processor out. Not only that but it can quickly whip up smoothies, drinks, and dips. Change your gluten-free loved one’s life for the better and gift them this ninja set, trust me, they will love it.

For the Body

The fact is, if you have celiac or are gluten intolerant, you have to be careful about the beauty products you use. There are some ingredients often found in beauty products that can be derived from wheat (like vitamin E). Additionally, if you are sensitive to gluten, you are likely sensitive to many other commonly found ingredients. Ingredients like soy and corn oil. This means sourcing products for the body should be done with care. If you want to gift beauty products to your gluten-free loved ones, here are my favorite safe options.


Diffusers are an affordable way to elevate any room. I love using my diffuser when I shower and keep it on with no oil during the night as a nightlight. Be sure to note that certain essential oils aren’t safe for pets so make sure you’re checking or letting your friend’s no to be careful when gifting this!

A good add-on to this gift might be a simple essential oil set, this essential oil set would make a great starter kit.

Essential Oil Roller Balls

I love essential oil roller-balls, they are an easy and natural way to smell nice without the junk in body mists. This Peppermint Roller-Ball is my favorite. It’s energizing, warming, and it smells amazing. Perfect for winter.

Hypoallergenic Soaps

These coconut soap bars are great gluten-free and vegan options for your celiac loved ones. A great stocking stuffer or simple gift.

For the Home

Comfy blankets

You can never have enough comfy blankets (at least in my opinion). They create a warm, cozy, and inviting space. I mean, who doesn’t want a plush and soft throw to snuggle with while binging Netflix? This is my favorite cozy blanket on Amazon. Perfect for a living room or bedroom!

Beautiful Napkins

Nice for anyone to have in their arsenal is a set of nice napkins. These gold-accented napkins are adorable and would make for cute accents on any table or in any food photo.

Warm Slippers

Slippers are always a nice gift. Comfy, cozy, and they are nice to have by the back door for quick outdoor chores.


Maybe it’s just me but robes are a sign of luxury. Throw one on after a shower, wear it around during the winter to stay warm, they are just so comfy and useful. A perfect gift.

Gorgeous Coasters

Give the gift are stunning coasters! They will elevate any table and protect it from water stains. These white marble gold edged coasters super cute and would make an adorable gift.

Check out my fellow celiac Laura’s Review on Prestige Hampers! Gluten-free gift hampers/baskets can make great gifts too!

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