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I think one of my favorite things about Christmas is dumping out my stocking to see what fun things my family put into it. With my love for stocking stuffers taken into account, I’ve compiled a list of 2019 Gluten-Free Stocking Stuffers on Amazon. Bonus, not only are these stocking stuffers gluten-free but these are also celiac-safe stocking stuffers. Believe me, this list will not disappoint and it is many weeks of scouring amazon in the making!

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Celiac Safe Food Stocking Stuffers:

Below are a few celiac-safe holiday treats that you might give you’re gluten-free loved ones.

Drizzilicious - Gluten-Free Stocking Stuffers

Drizzilicious Snacks

Now I might be biased because I’m employed by Drizzilicious, but their gluten-free and plant-based snacks are truly amazing. I was so hesitant about their snacks but they are indulgent and delicious. They are packed full of flavor with the perfect crunchy texture.

Not only are they an amazing snack, but they are amazing as a topping on pretty much anything (check out how I use them on a topping on chia pudding and on fudge).

Their single-serve bags are perfect to stuff into your health-conscious and gluten-free loved one’s stocking.


As long as they are the normal size cups and not the special holiday shapes, Reeses are considered celiac-safe stocking stuffers.

In other words, Reeses make great gluten-free stocking stuffers.

Unless you have a peanut allergy and then I recommend trying out Free2B Sun Cups or Eating Evolved Coconut Cups

Candy Canes

Candy canes are a classic holiday treat that you can’t pass up!

When looking for gluten-free candy canes, look for the term “gluten-free” or a gluten-free certification on the label. Both mean that that product has to have less than 20ppm of gluten in them per USA FDA regulations.

I personally like Wholesome Organic Candy Canes because they’re certified gluten-free and are usually available at my local whole foods.

Red Dragon Chai - gluten-free stocking stuffers

Tea or Coffee

Coffee and tea are great things to add to gluten-free stockings. What’s more perfect than a warming drink for your loved ones to enjoy during the winter?

To make sure your tea or coffee is celiac-safe or gluten-free, look for brands that state their products/product is “gluten-free” or certified gluten-free.

My favorite gluten-free flavored coffee to order on
Amazon is this Chocolate Caramel Brownie one. My favorite tea on Amazon is the Red Dragon Chai by Stash Tea (also pictured).

nut butter - 2019 gluten-free stocking stuffers

Nut Butter Jars or Packets

Maybe this is the adult in me, but receiving some nut butter in my stocking would make me ecstatic. Who doesn’t love peanut butter?

When checking if a nut butter is gluten-free again, look to see if there is a gluten-free claim, certification, and check the allergen warning. (Pictured are rxbar nut butters which have a gluten-free claim on their labels).

Non-Food Gluten-Free Stocking Stuffers

When in doubt, stuffing a stocking with non-food items can be your best bet. Here are some awesome 100% celiac-safe stocking stuffers.

chapstick - 2019  gluten-free stocking stuffers


It’s the season of dry skin and lips. Maybe I’m just irresponsible or maybe it’s just because chapstick is just so hard to keep track of, but I am always in need of more chapstick.

Chapstick is one of the beauty products that you for sure want to make sure it’s gluten-free. My favorite gluten-free chapsticks are by Sun Bum. They not only hydrate the lips but the protect them from the sun. It’s a winning 2019 gluten-free stocking stuffer.

Reusable Sandwich Bags

High-quality reusable sandwich bags can be an awesome gluten-free stocking stuffer for those gluten-free loved ones who are trying to reduce their environmental footprint.

I personally love Stasher’s Reusable Bags because they are dishwasher-safe, microwave-safe and more. They are super convenient and the ziplock opening is pretty much leak-proof (from my experience).

BONUS: you can shove other stocking stuffers into the reusable bags you buy. Maybe Reese’s in one reusable bag and hard candies in another?

cute stationary - 2019 gluten-free stocking stuffers

Cute Stationery

Before you roll your eyes and say you’ve heard this suggestion before, let me JUSTIFY my suggestion.

There are lots of fun stationery and office supplies you can gift in stockings that someone might not otherwise consider for themselves.

For example, these Word. Pocket Notebooks that feature checkboxes inside to help with notes and to-do lists. I received this in my stocking one year and have fallen in love with them since.

You might also consider some unconventional sticky notes, like these ones, which use friction to stick to surfaces instead of glue (getting rid of gross residues that are sometimes left behind by traditional sticky notes).

I shared my 2019 gluten-free stocking stuffer ideas with you, now share your gluten-free stocking stuffer ideas with me in the comments! Bonus points if they are celiac-safe stocking stuffers too.

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