When I was diagnosed with Celiac in high school, I had to say goodbye to the days of candy-filled stockings. While my mom tried to keep our previously enjoyed holiday traditions, we ended up having to adopt many new ones. Including new gluten-free stocking stuffers.

While we had a rough start to our stocking stuffers, over the years my family as a whole, has mastered them. As a result, I have created this Gluten-Free Stocking Stuffer Guide that will provide you ideas for everyone in your circle.

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Larabars are a safe gluten-free snack that anyone can enjoy. Their ingredient list is always safe and simple. My favorite holiday-related flavors are Snickerdoodle, Cashew Cookie, Cinnamon Roll, and Gingerbread.

Bonus, when you buy the box, you get a variety to toss into all of your gluten-free stockings.

Organic Lollipops

These Organic Lollipops are a staple in my family’s stockings every year. They are not only gluten-free but also organic. If you’re looking for some safe, gluten-free candy to throw into your loved one’s stockings, these are a great option.

Gummy Bears

These Gummy Bears are also a staple in my family’s stockings. Since finding them many moons ago at the grocery store, they are my go-to gummy bears. With an ingredient list I trust and with them being gluten-free, they are another great candy option to add to your holiday stockings.


Chocolate is a staple in everyone’s stockings. Peanut butter cups to Hershey kisses, stockings are notorious for being packed with chocolate and for good reason. Chocolate is amazing. I love Enjoy Life mini chocolate bars, UNREAL Chocolate Coated Gems, and UNREAL Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups.


Lovely’s Caramels are certified gluten-free, non-GMO, free from corn syrup, and all of that good stuff. Definitely, a nice soy-free and gluten-free stocking stuffer for your diet restricted loved ones. Also, might I add they are tasty.

Reusable Straws

Reusable Straws are perfect for anyone who likes to drink from a straw. Not only do they benefit the earth (perfect for you environmentally passionate friends), but they help prevent drinks from staining your teeth. For example, I always drink my coffee with a reusable straw to prevent my teeth from being stained.

Spill Proof Stainless Steel Tumblr

These are perfect for anyone who is always on the go but needs their coffee or tea with them. As a dietetic professional, these are also perfect for making sure your loved ones are adequately hydrated (or at least have the ability to be). A Spill Proof Stainless Steel Tumblr is the perfect thing to tuck into a stocking. It’s functional and takes up a decent amount of space!

Phone Chargers

Whether your loved one has an apple or android phone, if they are anything like everyone I know, they could always use a few extra chargers. A multi-pack of chargers is the ultimate gift as it ensures they will never go without power. Be careful when purchasing charger packs as some aren’t made to last. You can easily tell if a set is high quality by looking at the reviews. My favorite brand to buy multi-packs from on Amazon is Small Electric. I’ve been using this iPhone charger set for a little over 3 months yet and have yet to have a cord break on me.

Gift Card

Before you start complaining about how impersonal these are let me present my argument. People with Celiac must adhere to a strict gluten-free diet, meaning that any food item and potentially beauty product you want to gift, might not be safe for them. Giving a gift card, in this case, is personal because it shows you understand the complexity of their disease. To make it more personal you might give the gift card with a note recommending something from the store the gift card is from.

Gluten-Free Stocking Stuffers for Her

Scented Roller Balls

People who are gluten intolerant or are celiac need to be careful about the beauty products they buy. It’s especially important because gluten can be found in these items and cause a reaction or somehow end up in your food. Personally, I react when gluten touches my skin so I am extra careful. This means a lot of scented sprays make me feel ill. That’s why I love essential oil roller-balls, they are an easy and natural way to smell nice without the junk in body mists. This Peppermint Roller-Ball is my favorite. It’s energizing, warming, and it smells amazing. Perfect for winter.

Hair Ties

Because most of us have long hair, hair ties are an amazing stocking stuffer. I always seem to be out or low on hair ties and no matter what I do, I always seem to lose them. These would be perfect for men who have long hair too!

Infinity Scarf

Infinity scarves are amazing. They are an easy way for women to dress up her outfit while keeping it functional and warm. They are literally my favorite thing to find in my stocking.

Cute Necklace

Necklaces and other kinds of jewelry are perfect for your fashion-forward women or even just any women. I wear this necklace every day and I love it.

Leg Warmers

Leg warmers are a cute accessory any women can enjoy. They are functional as they keep your legs warm and they are adorable under a pair of boots.

Gluten-Free Stocking Stuffers for College Students or Teens

Writing Utensils

A functional, affordable, and extremely helpful stocking stuffer for your struggling college student! If you friendly college student is anything like me, the hoard pens and pencils to ensure they are never left without a writing utensil. Some cheap but high-quality options include these pens and mechanical pencils.

For your college school supply snobs, try gifting this amazing pack of dual-ended highlighters. Trust me, they will love them!

Portable Power Bank

Portable phone chargers are perfect for your college students because they are super helpful when there are no outlets around. You rest easy knowing that their phone will be charged no matter if there’s an outlet around or not.

Sticky Notes

Sticky notes are perfect to gift college students. They are great for taking quick notes in textbooks (without ruining the pages) and for leaving notes for yourself and others. You might also consider these sticky notes which aren’t sticky but use the forces of friction to stay on paper and even walls.

USB Drive

As a college student we move from computer to computer (depending on your major), it’s nice to have USB drives at the ready to ensure you files are safe and ready to be used at a whims notice. I love keychain USB drives because I always have my keys with me which means I will always have my important files with me.

I’m missing a section – perfect stocking stuffers for him! Let me know in the comments below what your go-to stocking stuffers are for the men in your lives are.

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