Quote of the Month

Health is a relationship between you and your body. ”

-Terri Guillemets

How it Relates to Nutrition:

Our relationship with food and what we choose to fuel our body directly impacts our well-being. Working to build (or re-build) a positive relationship with food is vital to making sure you are nourishing your body and helping it be the best it can be. Working on honoring cravings and listening to your body’s needs is a great start!

Joke of the Month

Stay on top of those daily healthy habits you’re trying to build!

Cookbook of the Month

The Vegetable Butcher: How to Select, Prep, Slice, Dice, and Masterfully Cook Vegetables from Artichokes to Zucchini by Cara Mangini

While there is only a small measely section featuring my favorite vegetable, celery, this book is an awesome resource for learning how to prepare all kinds of vegetables. It’s beautiful, modern, and inspiring.

With this book in hand, you’ll never be stumped on how to prepare new (or old) vegetables again!

Dietetic Read of the Month

Motivational Interviewing: Helping People Change, 3rd Edition (Applications of Motivational Interviewing)
by William R. Miller and Stephen Rollnick

If you are part of any helping field, this book is a fantastic read. One aspect I feel like my education lacked in was teaching students how to successfully interview and work with patients on how to make lifestyle changes. Nutrition counseling is a huge part of a practicing dietetic professional and this book is an amazing resource to help build skills that will help you help others.

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