What celiac Coaching Looks like

Interested celiac lifestyle coaching? Want to know more about what it looks like? This is the right post for you!

In this post we will discuss what is often covered in celiac coaching, celiac coaching pricing, and what an initial and follow-up session might look like.

Celiac coaching Info:

Celiac coaching is not meant to take the place of medical care. The work you do with your coach is not to take the place of medical care, medical advice, or medical diagnoses. Please consult your physician before making any changes to your diet or lifestyle (including altering or starting a new diet, changing your exercise routine, and taking any supplements, starting any new treatment or making changes to any current treatment)

Common coaching topics

That being said, coaching can help with (but is not limited) to the following:

  • reading food labels confidently
  • identifying points of cross-contact
  • dining out with minimal stress
  • setting up your kitchen to reduce cross-contact
  • help with educating and communicating others your needs
  • meal-planning techniques
  • intuitive eating
  • leaving diet culture
  • body acceptance
can you benefit from celiac coaching - Tayler Silfverduk

Coaching pricing

Currently, Tayler Silfverduk, LLC does not accept insurance. Pricing has been developed to reflect this. Click here to learn more about pricing and package options. Please be aware that every new client is required to do an initial 60-minute session before any package or any other type of session.

what to expect during initial sessions

Initial sessions are required before starting any other service in order for your coach to get a better understanding of your needs and to assess if you’re a good fit for coaching.

At your initial session you can expect:

  1. review of your completed Initial Coaching Form. Your coach will likely use this time to ask questions and learn more about you and your goals for coaching.
  2. goal prioritization. After reviewing your goals, you and your coach will work together to figure out what is more pertinent to address right now and what you can work on in the future.
  3. general education on relevant topics. After prioritizing your goals, your coach will likely provide you on general education related to your most important goal.
  4. mini-goal setting. Towards the end of your session, after reviewing your goals and relevant information, your coach and you will work together to choose small steps you agree to take in between this session and your first follow-up.
  5. scheduling of your next session. You and your coach will work together to determine frequency and length of time for your follow-up appointments. You can use this time to schedule with your coach, or you can schedule by yourself after the appointment. 

After your appointment, your coach will send you any materials referenced and a list of the goals you agreed on. FYI: between sessions, you’ll have access to your coach through our coaching platforms chat system.

what to expect during Follow-up sessions

Follow-up sessions serve many purposes. The purpose of follow-up sessions:

  • to hold you accountable for goals you set
  • to troubleshoot barriers you encountered when working towards your goals
  • additional education on subjects that are relevant
  • additional goal setting to keep you moving towards the goals you discussed in your initial appointment

Sometimes your coach will send you another form to fill-out before your follow-up session to serve as an additional form of accountability and to give you coach insight into where the next session will go.

At your follow-up session you can expect:

  • review of follow-up forms (if applicable)
  • goal check-in and troubleshooting
  • additional education
  • additional goal setting
  • future session scheduling

After your appointment, your coach will send you any materials referenced and a list of the goals you agreed on.

Your coaching sessions might go in a different order than referenced in this page. This page is to be used as a general reference point on what coaching might look like for you but it does not guarantee anything.

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