Gluten Free New Orleans

As a much-needed break from classes, I traveled with my twin sister and mother to New Orleans on a family vacation. It was a lot of fun and I highly recommend visiting if you’ve never been. My family stayed at an Airbnb in the French Quarter and kept most of our exploring to that area. This is what I ate that was Gluten Free in New Orleans

While traveling, finding places that are safe to eat and have gluten-free options is always a challenge and this vacation was no different. This post serves to show what I ate while on vacation in New Orleans. I was fortunate enough to not have any reactions to any of the foods I ate. However, all of the restaurants I dined at did disclaim that they couldn’t cater to Celiac individuals due to gluten being present in the facility (so keep this in mind if you are super sensitive).

Before we dive into my delicious meals, I want to throw some quick tips for traveling gluten-free! First try to book a room (or Airbnb as they tend to be cheaper) with a kitchen (or at least a fridge and microwave) so you know you can have at least 1 safe meal a day! Second, be sure to pack a few small snacks just in case! I packed cinnamon roll larabars and trust me, they came in handy while we spent time trying to find places to eat or when I felt to lazy to cook something.

With that, let’s dive in!

Day 1:


I also had a coffee from the French Truck Coffee shop in the French Quarter. I got a New Orleans Iced Coffee with almond milk (It was super strong!)


I ate at the Remoulade found on Bourbon street in the French Quarter. I had an amazing waiter who give us a huge list of foods that were gluten free and to my surprise, their jumbalaya was featured on that list. Score! I highly recommend stopping in and trying it out.


For dinner I wasn’t too hungry due to a late and huge lunch, so I sliced some cheese on top of some organic corn chips and dipped them into a mix of mashed avocado and salsa.

Day 2:


Mid-Morning Meal:

We got very lost trying to find a trolley that would take us to the garden district so while wandering we came across this amazing cafe called The Merchant on Commons Street. They had gluten-free crepes (which I HIGHLY recommend!) and other foods. I got the Horchata Chia Pudding and a New Orleans Iced Coffee with almond milk (surprise).


I cooked up the remainder of our eggs, green peppers, mushrooms, and onions. I served them with avocado and salsa (can you tell I like salsa?).


For my last night in New Orleans we splurged and ate at the Desire Oyster Bar and it was well worth it! I’m not sure if the fryers were dedicated gluten-free fryers but my waitress seemed to think so as she stated that all of their fried items are coated in corn flour/meal. She verified this with the chefs so my mother and I ordered the crab cakes (pictured on the left), the fried muscles (featured on the right) and shrimp platters. (If you order here make sure you let them know you don’t want bread with your order, or else your food will come out atop a piece of bread). This was such a treat as I hadn’t had gluten free fried protein of any kind in a while! I highly recommend stopping in here if you’re in town and are gluten-free.

Last but not least…

Day 3:


Mid-Morning Meal:

Before heading to the airport, my family traveled to the French Market and ordered food from the Meals from the Heart Cafe. They cater to gluten-free and vegan needs. My mother and I ordered the gluten-free blueberry pancakes for there and then ordered gluten-free chicken Po’ Boys to go (so we had lunch while waiting at the airport for our plane). I highly recommend checking this place out if you are out that way.

And that concludes what I ate in New Orleans! Have you been down to the French Quarter? Let me know what your favorite places were to eat!

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