My Educational Philosophy



Honesty is the best policy and so I will always stay transparent with you when I share information with you.

This means I will always be sure to cite my sources and I will try to source only reputable and scholarly sources.

If I have anything to disclose, I will disclose it. If I have any bias, I will be sure to share it. If information shared is anecdotal, I will make note of it.

I want to make sure I am providing you with proper information that will ultimately help you come to your own conclusions.



When it comes down to it, this is my sole purpose for sharing the information I have gathered and learned.

I want it to be helpful. Specifically, I want it to help you make habits and lifestyle changes that will benefit you when applicable. Otherwise, I want it to help expand your mind and understanding of different concepts!

Thus, I will do everything in my power to make sure what I deliver is helpful.



My recipe posts are for keeping things minimal and simple.

My educational posts are for provoking thought. They are for stimulating the brain and making you think.

A lot of people say for readability reasons, you should keep your posts very simple. They say not use too much jargon or big words.

I am a dietetic professional, I am going to use jargon. However, I will always define my jargon but I won’t stop using it. I want you to be familiar with it, I want you to feel immersed in my world. I want you to be challenged and to grow.


Have tips on how I can improve my educational materials? Head on over to my contact page and let me know! I want to grow and improve.