Celiac Back To School Workshop

Your kids are going back to school and I know you’re worried about how to keep you celiac kid safe. You’re probably wondering…

  • Will my kids be given unsafe snacks in class?
  • Will another kid share their food with my kid and make them sick?
  • Will my kid be excluded from art projects, science experiments, and other classroom activities?
  • Do I have to pack my kid a lunch every day or can the cafeteria safely feed them? How can I even trust the cafeteria?
  • What about after-school activities? How will I make sure my kid is properly fueled for sports etc.?

You have all of these questions, you’ve done so much research, and yet, you still worry.

I know you want to keep your kid safe...

Sending your kid to school means letting go of the control you have with their food, and that’s scary. Terrifying even…

I know you want to keep your kid safe and I know it’s exhausting worrying about all of these things. This is why I’m running a Back to School Workshop for parents!

Back to School Celiac Workshop for Parents - Tayler Silfverduk

The Celiac Back To School Workshop

I’m not going to tell you this workshop is going to eliminate all of your worries – after all, we’re talking about your kid. Worrying is a part of the job!

HOWEVER, I WILL tell you that this workshop will educate, empower, and equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to help your kid have the best school-year yet!

Celiac Back to School WorkShop Schedule

All times are based on the EST timezone.

Day 1

  • The Impact of Celiac Disease on Learning – What to do About it?

  • Meet and Greet

Day 2

  • 504 Plans & How to Advocate for Them with Lauren Haugan from @PlayTherapyCreative

  • Having “THE” Conversation With Teachers


  • Q&A with Celiac Parents

  • Planning for Field Trips

Day 3

  • Packing a Balanced Gluten-free Lunch vs. Gluten-free School Lunches

  • Fueling Extracurricular Activities – Sports Dietitian Guest Speaker Kim Pierce


  • Helping your kids Advocate for Themselves + What to do if Your Child is Glutened at School

  • Caregiver Celiac Burnout – (Don’t forget to take care of yourself!)

  • Final Session

Closed! See you Next Year!

Cost is for attendance for all parents and kids if the kids want to join us.