Gluten-Free Course:
Everything You Need to Know About Celiac

Looking for a gluten-free course to teach you the ins and outs of all things celiac disease?

The Celiac Crash Course helps newly diagnosed celiacs with knowing exactly how to live a celiac-safe life through video training, worksheets/workbooks, and chat support.

Living Gluten-free is hard.

Your doctor said “go gluten-free” and  left you to your own devices.

So you started googling, and joining Facebook groups and suddenly people are telling you that you have to avoid all these other foods too.

Maybe they’re telling you to replace your entire kitchen, or buy an entirely separate dish set from your family.

And you get to the grocery store and your trying to read food labels but… why are they so confusing!

Going gluten-free is hard, this course is here to make it easy.

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The Only Gluten-Free Course You'll Need...

The world is full of confusing misinformation. This course cuts through all of that and tells you exactly what you need to do to stay safe.

From surviving the holidays, to setting up a safe shared kitchen, this gluten-free course covers it all.

With 12+ modules, this self-paced course gives you actionable celiac information to keep you safe.

Gluten-Free Course Modules

This online course on living gluten-free for celiac is self-paced and features 13 modules. Below are the gluten-free course modules and descriptions.

  • Identify obvious sources of gluten on a food label
  • Implement my 4-step process on determining the safety of food.
  • Have more confidence when approaching a food label
  • The difference between cross-contact and cross-contamination
  • What counts as cross-contact?
  • How to avoid cross contact in general
  • The choice to have a shared or dedicated home
  • How to set up a safe home when gluten is still present
  • How to dine out safely
  • What to say to your waiter
  • Generally safe restaurant orders
  • Persuasive communication 101
  • How to ask for support
  • Dealing with food pushers
  • What is self-care
  • Why is self-care important
  • How to practically practice it
  • How long does gluten exposure last
  • How to soothe gluten exposure
  • Making a gluten exposure survival kit
  • What is a stressful food event (hint: parties, dinners, conferences etc.)
  • How to enjoy a stressful food event (yes enjoy!)
  • Taking care of yourself after
  • How to enjoy the holidays
  • How to respond to hurtful or rude comments
  • 9 steps to safe travels
  • A travel planner workbook to help you plan a safe trip
  • What is meal-planning
  • Easy ways to meal-plan
  • Meal-planning worksheet to save time and money
  • 5 strategies to cut down costs of following a gluten-free diet
  • Understanding your test results and what they mean
  • Knowing what kind of tests you need in the future and why

What the Gluten-Free Course Comes With:

  • Access to me via chat to ask questions about content if you have any.
  • Access to the course material and any additions I might make in the future!
  • A clear plan of action on how to keep yourself safe
  • 50% off your first 2 months of my celiac support group!

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