Gluten-Free Celiac Crash Course

everything you need to know about staying celiac-safe

Looking for a gluten-free course to teach you the ins and outs of all things celiac disease?

The Celiac Crash Course helps newly diagnosed celiacs with knowing exactly how to live a celiac-safe life through video training, worksheets/workbooks, and chat support.


I'll walk you through how to stay celiac-safe

Your doctor said “go gluten-free” and  left you to your own devices.

So you started googling, and joining Facebook groups and suddenly people are telling you that you have to avoid all these other foods too.

Maybe they’re telling you to replace your entire kitchen, or buy an entirely separate dish set from your family. Okay… so what exactly do you need to do?

And then you get to the grocery store and your trying to read food labels but… why are they so confusing!

Going gluten-free is hard, this course is here to make it easy.

video trainings

to guide you through celiac-safety step-by step.


to help you apply everything you learn from the video trainings

chat support

to ask questions and get clarification on things that you’ve learned.

The ONLY Gluten-free Course You need...

from start to finish

The world is full of confusing misinformation. This course cuts through all of that and tells you exactly what you need to do to stay safe.

From surviving the holidays, reading food labels, to balancing a gluten-free diet, to setting up a safe shared kitchen, this gluten-free course covers it all.

With 12+ modules, this self-paced course gives you actionable celiac information to keep you safe.

Your Guide to

Celiac-Safe Living


First, we'll cover the basics

We’ll start by breaking down how to read a food label, what cross-contact is, and what exactly you need to do to avoid it.


Then we'll get into socializing...

Then we’ll talk about how to socialize and live your live with celiac. From advocating for yourself, to attending potlucks, dinner parties, and travel…


And finally, we'll talk about wellness

So you know exactly how to balance a gluten-free diet for health and how to make sure you’re monitoring your celiac appropriately.

Ready for a clear plan of action on how to stay celiac-safe in your life?