Gluten-Free Friendly Restaurants in Columbus

Gluten-Free Friendly Restaurants in Columbus

Gluten-Free Friendly Restaurants in Columbus - Tayler Silfverduk - Need help finding safe places to eat in Columbus while being gluten-free? Look no further than this scrumptious list!

Hi Friends! Local Columbus goer here! Having been Celiac for over 7 years in Columbus, I am well-seasoned on the gluten-free and celiac-friendly scene here. From restaurants who’ve always been good about preparing me safe food, to restaurants who’ve strived to fix any mishaps, to the restaurants who’ve poisoned me and done nothing about it, I’ve got your back when it comes to finding Gluten-Free Friendly Restaurants in Columbus!

Gluten-Free Friendly Restaurants in Columbus

I have yet to find a restaurant that is entirely gluten-free in Columbus (that doesn’t mean they aren’t out there, I just haven’t found them), however, I have come across some incredibly accommodating (gluten-free friendly) ones that I am more than excited for you to try!

1. The Melting Pot

This restaurant is well-known for their fondue and lavish dining experience. While attending a large group dinner, I was surprised by how accommodating the restaurant was. It helped that my whole table committed to being gluten-free for the cheese dips. (This meant that we all got gluten-free bread and vegetables to dip in the cheese. Many of my friends said they couldn’t tell that the bread was gluten-free.) When it came to the entrees, they let me cook my food in my own pot at another table. Despite preferring to have cooked with my friends, letting me take up precious dining room real-estate to ensure my food was safe, was appreciated. Lastly, their dessert was amazing! Most of the chocolate sauces were gluten-free and I was provided with gluten-free snickerdoodles, brownies, and fresh berries to dip into them. Overall, my experience at this location was amazing.

2. Cafe Ginevra

Don’t let this diamond in the rough fool you, their food is amazing. They serve authentic Somali dishes that are divine. I’ve been a loyal repeat customer ever since I was invited to an event here a few years back. Their food is absolutely delicious! Not only do they provide impeccable service but they are very accommodating to gluten-free requests. My favorite thing to order is their Chicken Curry with Rice and a salad (without dressing). It was here that I learned it’s tradition to slice up your banana and eat it with your rice. I know what you’re thinking, ew, but seriously guys, go try it and tell me it’s not the best thing you’ve ever had.

3. Alchemy

I have to support my fellow Dietetic Professional’s in the 614 so you know I had to make room for Alchemy in this post. Co-founded by Registered Dietitian Alexis Joseph, both locations feature stunning gluten-free friendly options with a healthy twist. Their location in Grandview features a full menu with amazing must try brunch options.

4. The Rusty Bucket

Craving some good old comfort food? The Rusty Bucket has got you covered! As always, make sure to let your server know you are gluten-free and that your food requires special care. They offer a gluten-free menu and they have gluten-free cheesecake, which honestly is the biggest seller. Restaurants with gluten-free dessert options are my friends. It’s tough when you’re stuck with a plate of berries and whipped cream and everyone else is diving into what looks to be the most delicious chocolate cake you’ve seen in you’re life.

5. Portia’s Cafe

A vegan establishment located in Clintonville with gluten-free cashew cheesecake that will make your heart melt (literally). Pretty much all of their gluten-free items are impressive and I appreciate that they have always been accommodating every time I’ve dined in with them! They are definitely a must try restaurant!

Other honorable mentions:

  • Jeni’s Ice Cream – They have delicious and decadent gluten-free ice cream options.
  • Cap City – Offer gluten-free rolls, and sandwiches served on gluten-free bread.
  • El VaQueros – Feature gluten-free corn chips and freshly made salsa that is truly amazing.
  • Hound Dogs Pizza – They have literally the best gluten-free crust I have ever had. They do not, however, have dedicated gluten-free ovens so be wary if you are very sensitive. I consider myself to be pretty sensitive but I have never had a reaction.
  • Acre – A fast-food restaurant determined to put a healthy spin on the industry, they feature some pretty good gluten-free options.
  • Cumin – a very accommodating Indian restaurant found in Polaris. Their staff was very knowledgeable about what foods were safe to eat.
  • Northstar – mostly famous for their vegan options and high-food standards, they offer a few especially scrumptious gluten-free options at every meal of the day.

While not an exhaustive list, these are definitely some places to view as allies if you’re struggling to find places willing to accommodate you. I have found luck at all of these establishments when dining out in Columbus.

If you haven’t checked it out already, be sure read my post on awesome gluten-free bakeries in the area too!

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