Gluten-Free Stocking Stuffers for 2021

Is it just me or are stockings the most fun part of Christmas? I love seeing what creative and fun things my family can fit into my stocking. So I thought I would compile a list of over 20 gluten-free stocking stuffers to put in your loved one’s stocking in 2021.

I have broken this post down into 2 categories: food and non-food items to put into your stockings.

Let me know in the comments: what’s the favorite gluten-free stocking stuffer you’ve ever received?

Gluten-Free Stocking Stuffers for 2021​ - Tayler Silfverduk, celiac dietitian - gluten-free candy to put in stockings, gluten-free treats for stockings, non-food stocking stuffers

Gluten-Free Stocking Stuffers for 2021

Below is a list of gluten-free treats to put in someone’s stockings. While non-food items are always a safe bet, providing your loved one with gluten-free candy in their stocking is the ultimate gesture of inclusion.

  1. Drizzilicious: Comes in different flavors in popcorn and rice cakes. Prefect for every family member.
  2. Gluten-Free Brownie Brittle: Great for those who love the end brownie pieces or crisp edges on the pan. These are perfect to hit the spot when you are craving something chocolaty and crunchy. 
  3. Enjoy Life soft baked cookies: Great for any cookie monsters in your home. Soft cookies that come in a variety of flavors. 
  4. See’s Candy: See’s candy is a gourmet candy shop. This is great because you can make a box of candy yourself or purchase one off of their shelves. Most of their candy sold is gluten-free.
  5. Enjoy Life chocolate winter holiday candy variety pack: This item can be found on Amazon. They have varieties of candies available for every holiday. 
  6. Hershey Kisses: Who doesn’t want a kiss on Christmas? These are a great and fun gift to anyone but be sure to read the label to make sure they are gluten free, not all flavors are. 
  7. Quaker Rice Crisps: Great those who love savory foods any day of the week. With tons of varieties, there is a flavor that everyone will love.
  8. Gluten-free snack boxes on Amazon: This is not only great for those who love a sweet and salty snack. These are great gift for sending your college students off and making sure they have their snack essentials for the month. Bonus: all of your stocking stuffer shopping is done in one swoop!
  9. Gluten-free Caramels: If you have a friend or family member that has a sweet tooth but not a huge fan of chocolate, grab them a bag of some chewy caramels. Caramel comes in a variety of flavors, textures, gourmet or found in the store. Whatever you choose just make sure they are gluten free. 
  10. Brookside Dark Chocolate: For those family or friends that have a sweet tooth but keep on the healthier side, this is the gift for them. Perfect blend of chocolate and fruit or nut. Just check the package to make sure that it is gluten free. 
  11. Gluten-free Marshmallows: Make those hot chocolates even better this year by buying that special someone gluten free marshmallows. They can be found at trader joes for the original ones or amazon for a variety of different flavors. Just be sure to keep these towards the top of the stocking so they don’t get smushed.
Gluten-Free Stocking Stuffers for 2021​ - Tayler Silfverduk, celiac dietitian - gluten-free candy to put in stockings, gluten-free treats for stockings, non-food stocking stuffers

Non-Food Stocking Stuffers for 2021

What are stockings if not vehicles for fun and useful items. While gluten-free candy is a great way to include your gluten-free loved one in the holidays, non-food stocking stuffers are always a safe bet.

  1. Shower steamers: Great for those who love relaxing with a hot shower after a long day. Prefect for those who only have time for a shower and not a bath. Comes in a lot of smells to fit any person’s fragrance palate. They also come in birth month flower steamers for every celebration. Here are some gluten-free shower steamers.
  2. Magnetic bookmarks:  Great for any avid book readers in your family. Never lose your place again when you fall asleep. Here are some cute ones.
  3. The box of emotions or mindfulness: A great tool to figuring out what’s on your mind. It is perfect for your loved one who struggles to know what they are feeling or difficult to explain what they are feeling. Check it out here.
  4. Games of phones: Perfect for all ages that have phones. Your phone is used for everything, mind as well use it to help you win this game. Great for game nights or to get your kids excited about family time. 
  5. Record Coasters: Prefect for any groovy family member that wants to keep the water marks off their furniture. Here are some fun ones.
  6. Self-watering animal planters: Great for any adult or child who really likes plants and animals. Perfect gift to teach young kids how to take care of plants in a fun way. Here are some super cute ones.
  7. Birth Month Guitar Pick: Any music players in your family, wrap this one up and give it as a gift. A perfect and personal gift that will please the guitar or ukulele playing family member or friend. This website has some nice ones.
  8. Who in the Room? Party Game  Fun game but can get a little awkward. A great game to see who really knows you or what people think of you. (Not a game for easily butt hurt people – you were warned) Check it out here.
  9. Work from Home survival kit: Perfect gift for those running their own business or still working at home. Being able to communicate to those who you are living with without being rude. Here’s a fun one from Amazon.
  10. Travel Power Bank: Great for those family or friends who forget their charger or don’t realize how much they use their phone until it runs out. I like these ones.
  11. Rub-a-Way Bar: Great gift for those chefs in your home. It is a stainless steel odour absorber to get rid of those strong odors when cutting or holding such as onions and fish. Check it out here.
  12. Plantable Colour Pencils: This is a great two in one gift. Kids or adults who love to colour, can enjoy these pencils when they become too short instead of throwing them away, plant them. Just remember to keep these in a special area or keep them in the box to remind you to plant them. Check these plantable pencils out here.
  13. Lucky Iron Leaf – newly diagnosed celiacs often are low in iron. Gift them an easy way to add iron to their meals with a lucky iron leaf. They just cook their food with it and it enriches their meals with iron. Check it out here.

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