IN TUNE with Celiac Group Program

Celiac Dietitian, Tayler Silfverduk, HAES and Intuitive Eating Aligned

Living with Celiac has Never Been so Peaceful

Start trusting food so you can let it heal you. Make peace with your body and give it what it needs to recover. And ultimately, make peace with celiac so it stops taking up so much mental and emotional space.


I'll walk you through the healing process

Trusting food? Liking or respecting your body? Regulating and learning to listen to your body cues? Reclaiming your emotional and mental space from celiac?

That’s hard and scary work. The IN TUNE program is here to provide you with the tools and support to do it.

biweekly group sessions

This program comes with biweekly group sessions for support, accountability, and Q&A.

24/7 group chat support

This program comes with 24/7 chat support for real-time discussion, support, and Q&A

weekly check-ins with me

This program includes weekly check-ins with me to provide you with support and guidance to keep you on track.

Stress-free Celiac living

from start to finish

You’ve got the whole gluten-free living part down, but now you feel trapped.

Whether you’re scared of food, skipping too many meals, or you hate your body, celiac disease isn’t making it any easier.

I’ve been trapped there too friend, and I can help you find peace.

Find Peace With Celiac,

It's Absolutely possible.


First, we'll uncover and unpack your food fears, rules, and beliefs

We’ll start by discovering and unpacking your food fears, rules, and beliefs together so that you don’t feel so conflicted when eating.


Then we'll start opening up the lines of communication with your body

From cravings, to symptoms, to hunger and fullness, we’ll start learning to listen to your body wisdom so that you can learn to trust your inner body wisdom instead of relying on external cues to decide what to eat.


And finally, we'll make peace with food and your body

The hardest most life-changing part of the whole program: finding peace with food and your body so that you can live a fuller life.

Past Intuitive Eating Clients

I've helped many people find peace...

Annie C.

Intuitive Eating Client


“Tayler’s first hand expeirence with celiac and her nutrition expertise helped me uncover my beliefs around food, self image, and my own understanding of celiac and reframe them”

Erin B

Past Group Member


“Tayler brings a positive and sunny energy to online meetings and it was reassuring to not be made to feel bad about my body or food choices”

Erin L

Past Group Member


“One of my biggest successes was knowing I don’t need to limit myself because of celiac disease. I know how more trust in food and my safety.”

You ask, I answer

Here are some frequently asked questions I get about Intuitive Eating and the IN TUNE Program.

This program is recommended for those who have a solid foundation in celiac-safety. If you are looking for help with celiac after just being diagnosed, check out my Celiac Crash Course!

If you have disordered eating than this program can help.

If you have an active eating disorder, 1:1 work is more appropriate. Click here to book a free call to learn more about working with me.

Ready to stop fearing food and hating your body?