Printable Celiac Disease Wellness Journal

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The Celiac Disease Wellness JournaI will help you discover:

  • The critical areas you’re neglecting that are preventing you from finding peace
  • How to reduce feelings of burden around living gluten-free
  • How to ditch the stress around food and instead feel empowered

The Celiac Disease Wellness Journal misc info:

  • 10 weeks of themed journal prompts (total of 73 prompts)
  • Download immediately after buying
  • Need a printer to print it or fill it out using a tablet



Celiac disease wellness Journal promo - tayler silfverduk - gluten-free journal, gluten-free lifestyle journal, journal prompts for celiac, celiac disease journal prompts, gluten-free journal prompts, gluten-free wellness journal, celiac disease, celiac, coeliac disease, coping with celiac disease, celiac disease toolkit, celiac disease helpHaving to change your entire way of living overnight is a harsh reality people diagnosed with celiac disease have to face. Research suggests that a gluten-free lifestyle is perceived to be one of the top patient-perceived burdensome lifestyles. This is why those making the change to a gluten-free lifestyle need all of the help and support they can get.

When I was first diagnosed with celiac disease, I was overwhelmed with all the changes and things I need to learn and navigate. Over the years I’ve learned how to master and live with celiac disease with grace. Let me help guide you to better gluten-free living with my Celiac Disease Wellness Journal.

After completing this journal you will be better prepared for a gluten-free lifestyle emotionally, socially, physically, and beyond. Take control of your new lifestyle and improve your quality of life with the guidance of this journal

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1 review for Printable Celiac Disease Wellness Journal

  1. Susan

    This is such a great journal! Lots of thought provoking prompts that may bring up emotions you haven’t finished processing yet and guides you through them. Eating gluten free and being celiac is challenging and comes with a wave of emotions. I’m 7 years in and sometimes I’m still challenged with processing them. There are several prompts in there I wish I had gone through earlier. ????

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