Celiac Label Reading Workbook

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Working with the celiac disease community for over 2 years, and living with celiac disease for almost over 10, I have seen a lot of confusion around food labels and ingredients. This workbook is to help people living gluten-free build confidence around the food label reading skills. It addresses common myths and what to do about confusing labels.





This workbook includes:

  • 2 Acronyms to help you remember how to identify gluten on a food label
  • Breakdown of a food label and gluten-free labeling laws in the USA
  • Ingredient pocket guides for food items and beauty products
  • Guided label-reading practice and explanations
  • Individual practice worksheets with answers
  • FAQ section where I answer common questions and debunk common myths

Please be aware this workbook is not to take the place of individualized medical care, people with celiac have varying needs and this workbook is meant to serve as general education. Please be sure to consult your health care provider before making any changes to your gluten-free life.

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1 review for Celiac Label Reading Workbook

  1. Kaitlyn (verified owner)

    Yassss I love it!! I was diagnosed celiac almost two years ago when I was 24years old. I’ve done a lot of research about celiac disease and what to be careful about, but it can be overwhelming. And reading food labels is something I’ve always struggled with but not really confident in what to look for on labels and avoid.
    I’ve printed these out and am studying them until I master all the little suspicious ingredients and things to look out for! Also, I shared this with my household members and their reaction was priceless!! Seeing how careful I must be and how labels can trick you into thinking it’s safe or not safe. My brother even asked for me to share it with him so when he wants to buy me something he doesn’t mess up ????

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