Cross-Contact Workbook for Celiac Disease


Celiac disease requires a strict gluten-free diet and with that comes the need to avoid cross-contact with gluten. There is a lot of fear-mongering and misinformation about cross-contact out there so this guide is meant to serve as general education for those looking to manage cross-contact in their gluten-free lives.

Are you worried about cross-contact in your home? Are you unsure about your safety practices when dining out or visiting others? This 27-page guide and workbook can help. It touches on cross-contact points at home, at restaurants, in other people’s homes, and more. Not to mention it answers frequently asked questions about cross-contact.


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This Cross-Contact Workbook for Celiac will guide you through:

  • Cross-Contact in a Shared Home
  • Cross-Contact at Restaurants
  • Ordering at Restaurants
  • Restaurant Dining Cards
  • Cross-Contact in Other Homes
  • Cross-Contact Management Cards for Hosts
  • Managing Gluten Exposure
  • FAQ on cross-contact

Each section features worksheets to help you breakdown your cross-contact management plan.

This guide is not meant to take the place of 1:1 individualized medical care is meant only to be a means of general education on cross-contact with gluten. Please consult your healthcare team before making any changes to your gluten-free lifestyle.

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