Guide to Traveling with Celiac + Worksheets



I made this guide to traveling with celiac disease because I know it can be hard. From figuring out how to set up an Airbnb to figuring out how to navigate language barriers, there is a lot to consider.

This guide to traveling with celiac disease is intended to help guide people with celiac on how to travel safely. This is a 40+ page workbook that covers:

  • Common challenges to traveling with celiac & what to do about them
  • Road trip and airport hacks (complete with what you can back in your carry-on and more)
  • Gluten-free travel snack ideas and recipes (to help you stay nourished on a budget)
  • Gluten-free restaurant hacks (complete with restaurant cheat sheets and questions to ask)
  • How to set up an Airbnb free from gluten cross-contact (complete with a checklist to use when you arrive)
  • Printable advocacy cards to make your life easy at restaurants (to make sure the chef knows everything you need).
  • Tools to use when exposed to gluten when traveling to find relief quickly.
  • Travel planning worksheets to help you plan a celiac-safe trip to remember.

It can feel overwhelming to plan a gluten-free trip with friends and family. There is so much to consider and so many points of gluten exposure to avoid. Take away some of those burdens with this guide. You don’t have to do it all alone. You don’t have to make decisions out of fear. Get the facts, make a plan and stay safe.

If you’re looking for an affordable and accessible way to learn how to stay gluten-free and celiac-safe while traveling, this guide is for you.

*This nor are any of my celiac workbooks intended to take the place of individualized medical advice and care. Always evaluate if recommendations meet your individual needs (preferably with the guidance of a celiac health specialist).


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