Can you get glutened by kissing someone who's eaten gluten with celiac disease? Let's talk about it!

Glutened by Kissing with Celiac

From feeling uncomfortable disclosing your gluten-free needs...

Dating with celiac disease is hard.

To telling your date about the precautions you need to take when being intimate... Dating with celiac is hard.

Dating with celiac disease is hard.

While we don’t currently have research on gluten transference when kissing...

And yes, you can get glutened from kissing.

We DO have research on allergenic proteins transferring during kissing via saliva.

found that the peanut proteins did transfer with saliva mouth to mouth when kissing

In fact, a 2006 study...

While gluten isn’t a peanut protein, it is a complex protein that likely would behave in a similar way.

There are a couple of ways to reduce the risk!

So how do you avoid getting glutened by kissing with celiac?

Ask your date to have a gluten-free meal so you don’t have to worry about gluten when kissing.

You can...

Have your date brush their teeth and rinse their mouth before kissing you if they recently ate gluten.

Or you could...

If your date has a beard, also be careful about any gluten crumbs getting stuck in it, they may need to wash this well too

And don't forget...

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Dating with celiac disease is hard.

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