Is Jello Gluten-Free?

Is Jello gluten-free? That’s what we will be uncovering in today’s post. But first, did you know it’s actually JELL-O not Jello? Maybe I’m the only one who’s been out of the loop but I was shocked to see that…

Is Jello Gluten-Free - Tayler Silfverduk RD

So is JELL-O Gluten-free?

Now that we’ve got the politics of how to properly spell JELL-O out of the way, let’s talk about if Jello is gluten-free. When checking food labels for gluten, one of the things to look for are ingredients that could mask gluten. In this case, natural flavors, which is common in JELL-O is an ingredient that could be hiding gluten.

Unfortunately, Kraft does not have a gluten-free claim or certification on their JELL-O products. Luckily, Kraft states in their FAQ’s that they label for all sources of gluten above 10ppm. This means if there were an ingredient in any Kraft product that contained gluten, they would label for it. This would include natural flavors found in JELL-O.

So, yes Strawberry Jello is gluten-free. In fact, rest assured all flavors of JELL-O are safe for people on a gluten-free diet (though always double check the ingredients as things may change).

Is Jello Instant Pudding Gluten-free?

To get more specific, is Jello Instant Pudding gluten-free? The same labeling rules of Kraft products applies to the Jello Instant Pudding. If there are any gluten containing ingredients above 10ppm, it will be on the Instant Pudding label.

So yes, Jello Chocolate Pudding and Jello Vanilla Pudding are both gluten-free. As always, be sure to check the ingredients to verify suitability for your needs.

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Homemade gelatin bites made with beef gelatin

Other Gluten-Free Gelatin Brands

When making jello or gelatinized products, you can check the ingredients of other gelatin mixes to see if they are gluten-free too. Remember, if there is not gluten-free claim or certification, you are looking for obvious sources of gluten and ingredients that could hide gluten like natural flavors. If the label doesn’t give you a clear answer, you can always contact the manufacturer to verify.

I personally like to make my own gelatin bites using beef gelatin. You could also use agar agar if you’re looking for a vegan substitute. It works a lot like beef gelatin but is made from seaweed.

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