A good fun DIY holiday gift is one that is creative and shows that you know that person. Have any health-conscious movie lovers? This DIY popcorn flavor packet set is perfect for them. Pair it with some organic popcorn kernels and some cute ribbons and boom, you have a cute gift made with lots of love.

If you are making these seasonings for your gluten-free friends, make sure you are using safe spices! There is a chance of gluten contamination in spices so just be careful. I recommend McCormick spices because they’ve outwardly said their single spices are all gluten-free.

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For the Spicy

For the Sweet Tooth

For the Smokey

For the Rancher

For the Cheesy


Select the popcorn seasonings that you want to gift your loved ones and gather the necessary spices and measuring utensils.

Find a set of suitable matching vessels to place your seasonings in for gifting (these jars should work).

Combine the ingredients for each flavor you picked in your chosen vessels. Place the lid on your chosen vessels and shake well. Gift with organic popcorn kernels and there you have a homemade loving gift.

Comment below which seasoning is your favorite.

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