The Powerful Benefits of Adaptogens

The Powerful Benefits of Adaptogens - Tayler Silfverduk - Have you heard people talking about adaptogens and wondered, what in the world are those? Look no further than this blog post which will easily break down what exactly adaptogens are and what foods have them! #adaptogens #adaptogenic #nutritionfacts #holistic #holisticmedicine #holisticnutrition #healthiswealth #nutritionfacts #dietetics #supplements #adapt #foodismedicine #complementarycare

Essentially, adaptogens are substances found in certain plants that improve the body’s ability to respond to stressors. A stressor can be anything that causes your body to respond in a manner that is outside of your body’s normal activity, like the tearing of muscle fibers when you are weight-training. So in this case, an adaptogen can help the body respond to the tearing of your muscle fibers in a more efficient manner.