Celiac Awareness Month Prompts

May is one of my favorite months of the year because it’s celiac awareness month! It’s the month where we can not only spread awareness about celiac but celebrate it with celiac friends too.

I teamed up with Jen from The Nomadic Fitzpatricks to bring you these Celiac Awareness Month prompts for 2021. Not only that but we’re hosting a giveaway!

Post on Instagram using these prompts on each corresponding day using the hashtag #celiacdoesntwin and enter for a chance to win:

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Both Tayler and I will be sharing one prompt per day during the month of May to invite you to the conversation, encourage you to connect with others, and to learn something new. Be sure to follow me @thenomadicfitz and Tayler @celiacdietitian so you don’t miss anything!

Ready to talk all things celiac awareness? Below are the Celiac Awareness Month prompts that we came up with!

Celiac Awareness Month Prompts

MY Answers

  1. how you’re celebrating celiac awareness month
    I’m doing this challenge with Jen and encouraging YOU to do the same to spread awareness.

  2. share your celiac diagnosis story
    Keep your eyes peeled for my IG post but the short story is: I was diagnosed with IBS (without exclusionary testing) and struggled for years. They only ended up testing me after my mom was diagnosed.

  3. share your fave gluten-free breakfast
    A lot of coffee with a side of sweet potato breakfast hash.

  4. share your travel tips
    One of my first posts on here features some of my tips, I think my biggest one is to pack snacks you’re excited about.

  5. share what scares you about traveling
    Getting stuck somewhere without food. This happened to me a couple of summers ago where I didn’t pack enough snacks and luckily a sweet old lady over heard my panic and shared some of her GF snacks with me.

  6. share the favorite place you’ve traveled
    Does Sweden count if I’m a dual citizen?

  7. share a fact or facts about celiac
    Going gluten-free is a lot more complicated than it sounds.

  8. share what you wish people knew about celiac
    Just because your cousin who’s gluten-free can eat something, doesn’t mean someone else who’s gluten-free can eat it. People with celiac and NCGS have varying needs.

  9. What’s your favorite gluten-free food?
    Nachos, they are so versatile and I’m a sucker for any dish that worships salsa as much as I do. I’ll even eat nachos for breakfast.

  10. c.e.l.i.a.c – what does celiac mean for you?
    c – complicated
    e – effort
    l – legit
    i – invisible
    a – atypical
    c – constrained

  11. how long have you lived GF?
    10+ years

  12. tag your favorite gluten-free bakery
    Bake me happy is my fave!

  13. how do you practice gluten-free self-care?
    Self-care is important when you have celiac and I practice it routinely by making sure I’m doing things that make me happy.

  14. tag someone who supports your celiac journey
    My best friend Autumn has been incredibly supportive and I’m so blessed to have her in my life.

  15. share a photo of your favorite GF meal
    Be sure to check out my feed!

  16. how to support someone who is newly diagnosed
    If you’re newly diagnosed, read this. If you’re trying to support someone who is newly diagnosed, read this post on how to support people with celiac.

  17. what’s your gluten-free “mantra”
    Celiac does not get to win. (Sound familiar?)

  18. share a place you wish to travel to
    I’m down to go anywhere!

  19. share your favorite gluten-free snack(s)
    Check out my fave snacks here (this is an Amazon affiliate link).

  20. share a time when you felt supported
    In college, one of my professors made sure when we did baking science classes, that I got to bake gluten-free and in a separate area of the kitchen.

  21. share a time when you DID NOT feel supported
    There has been many times in my early days where I’ve found myself crying alone in restaurant bathrooms – need I say more?

  22. share your favorite gluten-free dessert
    GF chocolate chip cookies.

  23. share your favorite gluten-free resources
    Shameless plug for my 2 workbooks, the Cross-Contact Workbook and the Label Reading Workbook.

  24. share 1 lesson you’ve learned on your GF journey
    Always read the food label, even if you’ve bought the product a 100 times, things can change.

  25. share the best gluten-free food you’ve ever had
    Chips and salsa – am I a broken record here? Does anyone else love chips and salsa as much as I do?

  26. how do you explain your needs to others?
    I have a quick 30-second explanation I give and I have a longer more in-depth explanation I give, it just depends. If you need help with this, check out my post on how to educate others on celiac disease.

  27. what question/comment do you hate getting about celiac?
    Why do you have to be so picky? (rolls eyes)

  28. share your #1 GF cooking hack
    There’s nothing that can’t be fixed with a healthy amount of salsa. Does this count?

  29. what’s something you wish you’d learned earlier about celiac?
    I don’t have to avoid 20 other foods in order to heal or be healthy with celiac.

  30. what GF alternatives are you still looking for?
    I guess it’s a good thing that nothing comes to mind for me right now…

  31. share your number 1 GF baking hack!
    Buy boxed mixes or make friends with a pastry chef (hey Autumn) so you don’t have to do the baking.

Are you excited for Celiac Awareness Month?

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