Confident Celiac Group Program

Celiac Dietitian

Living with Celiac doesn't have to be so hard.

Become unshakably confident and comfortable with your celiac-safety & health, and healing needs.


I'll hold your hand to confidence

As a registered dietitian with 10+ years of lived experience with celiac, I know what it takes to heal and find confidence in a gluten-free life.

This group program covers everything a struggling celiac needs to build confidence in their healing journey, food choices, and symptoms.

This is the stuff I WISH I knew when I was struggling to heal myself years ago.

biweekly group sessions

This program comes with weekly group sessions for support, accountability, and Q&A.

24/7 group chat support

This program comes with 24/7 chat support for real-time discussion, support, and Q&A

weekly check-ins with me

This program includes weekly check-ins with me to provide you with support and guidance to keep you on track.

Confident Celiac Living

from start to finish

You’re trying to eat gluten-free and heal your gut and you’re overwhelmed.

Just when you feel like you’ve got a handle on everything, you’re thrown another curve ball and you’re exhausted.

You’re tired and stressed with how much brain-space living gluten-free is taking up.

And the Confident Celiac Group Program can change all of that.

Stop Questioning Yourself

And Find Confidence with Celiac Disease


First, we'll set a foundation of knowledge

You’ll start by learning everything you need know about celiac healing, health, and safety.

From managing cross-contact, reading a food label, to balancing a gluten-free diet for health.


Then we'll start taking action on our knowledge

You’ll practice preventing cross-contact, ordering safe meals at restaurants, attending parties etc. via simulations and real-life exposures.


And finally, we'll help tackle the hardest part...

You’ll learn exactly how your body responds to gluten, cross-contact, food, emotions, environments etc. so you’re never caught off guard by your body again.

Past Confident Group Program Members

I've helped many people find peace...


Past Group Member


“It’s an investment, and I would 10/10 reccomend Tayler’s Confident Celiac Group Program.”


Past Group Member


“My symptoms have decreased from occurring multiple times a day to just 3-4 times a week – and they are continuing to improve.”


Past Group Member


“My energy went from a 2 to an 8 from working with this program.”

You ask, I answer

Here are some frequently asked questions I get about Confident Celiac Group Program.

YES! This program is for recently diagnosed celiacs, or celiacs who are looking for clarity on what it means to be celiac-safe and healthy.

We meet biweekly. At the start of the program I’ll send a survey to everyone to schedule a time for everyone to meet.

Ready to be Unshakably confident with celiac?