Virtual Celiac Support Group

This Virtual celiac Support Group Reminds you: you're not alone.

This virtual celiac support group will put an end to feeling lonely and confused.

Celiac disease can leave you feeling isolated.

Not to mention, it’s hard to find anyone who understands how emotionally and mentally challenging it is to live gluten-free.

That on top of rampant misinformation and fear mongering out there? Living with celiac is hard.

And you’re not alone, this is a group of celiacs who know exactly what you’re going through and are here to support you.

And this is a group guided by ME! A registered dietitian with 10 years lived experience of celiac.

Never Feel Alone Again with this Virtual celiac support group

This support group is a virtual safe space to gather with other celiacs who just get it.

Share your challenges, seek advice from peers and celiac specialists, and find comfort in knowing you’re not alone.

24/7 celiac group chat support

This program comes with 24/7 chat support for real-time discussion, support, and Q&A moderated by me, a celiac dietitian (for things like finding gluten-free medication, getting advice on baking, or sharing frustrating experiences in real-time)

discounts on celiac support services

This program includes discounts on Celiac Dietitian services, courses, and other celiac-related products and services to make sure getting help is accessible.

This celiac support group will change your life.

One of the greatest indicators of success with living gluten-free is how much support you have.

We’re here to make sure you have it.

Find Your virtual Celiac Community


We're here to listen.

We’re here to listen to your story, fears, worries, wins, and experiences.

Your family might not understand. Healthcare providers might understand. But we do, and we see you.


We're here to help.

From being confused by a food label, needing advice on how to attend your friend’s upcoming birthday party, to getting advice on dining out.

We’re here to help.


We're here to comfort.

The hardest part about celiac disease is that your whole life has changed.

How you interact with the world has changed.

And we’re here to hold space for that.

What Virtual Celiac Support Group Members are Saying

Alli J.

Past Support Group Member


For a long while after my Celiac diagnosis, I felt alone. Even when my friends and family did their best to support me, I always felt like a burden and never had anyone I could really talk to about everything I was experiencing.

That’s why I felt so lucky to find Tayler and the Celiac Support Group

In support group sessions we’d talk about everything from our favorite brands of gluten free food and the challenges of dining out, to more emotional topics like setting boundaries with loved ones and the impact Celiac Disease can have on your mental health. And, unlike so many places online where misinformation runs rampant- Tayler is there with years of personal experience and the knowledge of a registered dietitian to help guide you.

I’d highly recommend the Celiac Support Group to anyone who is looking to not just gain knowledge about living with Celiac but for those seeking a sense of support and community on their journey.

Natalia L.

Past Support Group Member


“I joined Tayler’s Support Group scared and full of doubt on how to manage celiac. I didn’t have much money to spare during hte Pandemic but decided to invest in my health and good thing I did! The support group really made a difference with my level of confidence in fear of food, advocating for myself, and trusting more while eating out.”


Past Support Group Member


“I really enjoyed Tayler’s Celiac Support Group, and I’m so grateful to Tayler for creating that space! Simply being in community with other folks who have celiac was empowering and validating. And Tayler took that a step further by encouraging us to share successes and challenges at each meeting and by supporting us in expanding our comfort zones. Tayler is also constantly reviewing the latest updates on what is and is not celiac-safe and is always willing to research for group members. Celiac Support Group also provided me with videos and other helpful content to share with family and friends so they can learn to better support me.”

virtual celiac support group FAQ

Here are some frequently asked questions I get about the virtual celiac support group.

No, the virtual celiac support group is chat-based only. You can connect with and communicate with Tayler, a celiac dietitian, and other celiacs via the group chat that is hosted on Slack.

If you are on the month-to-month subscription, you can cancel at any time.

Cancellation must be provided to Tayler in writing before your next monthly payment is processed.

This group is for you if you’re looking for research and evidenced based resources, information, and support.

We’re here to celebrate you when you find awesome new restaurants or make strides in speaking up with friends.

We’re also here for you when you face doubt, disbelief or overall frustration with living gluten-free.

Lastly, we’re here to help brainstorm a plan for upcoming stressful events or situations. And help you problem-solve things you may be struggling with.

If you want a community of celiacs standing with you, through ever step of your celiac journey, through the highs and lows,  that’s what this support group provides.

And we’d LOVE to have you join us.

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