Virtual Celiac Support Group

Does this sound familiar?


Your family doesn’t understand why you’re freaking out over crumbs on the counter for the 3rd time this week.


Your friends keep trying to include you but they keep inviting you to restaurants that aren’t celiac-safe.


If one more person makes a joke about gluten to you, you might snap…

If this is you...

The Monthly Celiac Support Group is for you!

As a registered dietitian with 10+ years of lived experience with celiac, I know what it’s like to live gluten-free alone. To feel like no one at the party, no one in your life knows what you’re going through. To have no one to turn to for advice.

I also have built a enormous tool-kit of tips and tricks to making living gluten-free better.

Which is why after months of thinking about it, I’ve finally decided to offer the Monthly Celiac Support Group Membership!

What's included?

  • Two 45-60 minute monthly group sessions over Zoom (with presentations, time to ask questions, and a chance to share)
  • Access to a growing resource library with handouts, worksheets, video trainings, recipes, and more
  • Unlimited chat support with the group over Slack!