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Work with a Celiac Disease Nutritionist

Work with a Celiac Dietitian Nutritionist - Tayler Silfverduk, celiac dietitian

My name is Tayler!

I’m a celiac disease nutritionist. As a registered dietitian with 10+ lived experience with celiac, I know what it takes to feel better living gluten-free.

Did you know, there are 8,760 hours in a year. And you will spend ~1 of them with your gastro. I’m here to fill that gap.

I help people with celiac heal not just their small intestines, but also their relationship with food and body image.

low cost support group

Join the Celiac Support Group for help from other celiacs and celiac health experts like myself!


newly diagnosed?

Take my Celiac Crash Course to learn everything you need to do to heal, stay celiac-safe, and healthy.

still not feeling better?

Work with me 1:1 to  get help with energy levels, lingering symptoms, body image, and fear of food with celiac.

Past Clients

I've helped many celiacs

Annie C.

Intuitive Eating Client


“Tayler’s first hand expeirence with celiac and her nutrition expertise helped me uncover my beliefs around food, self image, and my own understanding of celiac and reframe them”

Erin B

Past Group Member


“Tayler brings a positive and sunny energy to online meetings and it was reassuring to not be made to feel bad about my body or food choices”

Erin L

Past Group Member


“One of my biggest successes was knowing I don’t need to limit myself because of celiac disease. I now have more trust in food and my safety.”

You ask, I answer

If you are recently diagnosed with celiac, I generally advise people to start with the Celiac Crash Course which covers what would take over 12 sessions with a celiac dietitian for a fraction of the cost. Most students find the course is enough to help them heal and feel comfortable keeping themselves safe from gluten and cross-contact no matter where they find themselves.

Should you need more help or you are not recently diagnosed and need more intensive care, I see people 1:1 only in 6-month coaching commitments.

I find that the work I do with healing celiac, intuitive eating and body image is hard work and long lasting change with it requires consistent accountability and support.

Seeing people for 6-months helps make that happen.

Currently I do not accept insurance for services. I can however accept HSA and FSA cards.

As a dietitian with celiac disease I realized in my training there is a huge gap in care for celiacs.

As a celiac who never got follow-up care, who’s witnessed other celiacs get sub-par help, I’m here to make a difference.

Celiacs deserve better care,  and that’s why I specialized in celiac disease.