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DIY Swedish Clove and Clementine Pomander

DIY Swedish Clove and Clementine Pomander - Tayler Silfverduk DTR - Make these fun Christmas scented ornaments with just 2 ingredients! Super fun for kids to create their own designs! #swedishtradition #holidaytradition #healthyholidaytradition #DIYholidaydecor #pomander #sverige #cloves #clementine #DIYchristmasornaments #celiacdietitian #rd2be #dietetics #glutenfreeholidays #glutenfreeactivities #glutenfreetraditions #silfverduk

Swedish clove and clementine pomanders bring me back to the cozy holidays I spent in Sweden.

Fun fact, I am a dual citizen of both the United States of America and of Sweden. Because of this, I studied in Sweden during middle school and during this time I was immersed and fell in love with Swedish culture.

I remember one of my favorite holiday traditions in the winter was to make this Swedish Clementine and Clove Pomanders. Tables would be set up at holiday festivals where kids could sit and decorate their citrus fruits with cloves.

I remember fondly how my hands smelled like cloves for hours after (despite washing my hands). The whole ordeal smells like Christmas (quite literally).

A fun and quite simple activity to do with kids, making these Clementine and Clove Pomanders would make a nice holiday tradition for families!

Enough about me and these pomanders, let’s talk about how to make these amazing decorations!

DIY Swedish Clove and Clementine Pomander

Prep Time20 mins
Total Time20 mins



  • 1 bag clementines
  • toothpicks
  • whole cloves


  • lemon zester for etched designs
  • rubberbands for perfect circles
  • spices for extra scent
  • needle and thread for hanging


For Adults:

  • Using a toothpick, prick holes into the clementines in a design of your liking (I like doing zig-zags and hearts)
  • After poking holes in the design you desire, place whole cloves inside planned holes
  • Place your pomanders where you desire for decoration (for up to 4-7 days) and enjoy their lovely scents!

For Supervised Young Kids

  • Place a table protector down to prevent markers from getting all over your table and place a bowl (or a few depending on how many kids you have) full of whole cloves out.
  • Give the kids a marker an a clemintine (or a few) and let them draw DOTTED designs on the clementines
  • When the kids are done with outlining their clementine design, using a toothpick, poke holes for them (following their dotted design)
  • Give the clementine(s) back and let them fill the holes with whole cloves
  • Place in a decorative bowl or thread a ribbon through it to hand on the Christmas Tree and enjoy their beautiful and practically mess-free creation.


Hacks for Decorating your Pomander:

Use the corner of a zester or a potato peeler to "etch" complementary designs into the orange peel.
Place a rubber band on the clementine to get a perfect circle.
Roll pomanders around in a plate of spices for extra beautiful and strong smells.

If you want to Hang your Pomander:

Thread a large needle with string or ribbon on it and run it through the orange center of the orange. Make a sturdy knot at the bottom and a loop at the top. Now it's ready to hang!

For Long-Lasting Pomanders

String completed pomanders on twine and let dry by hanging in a cool dark area for a few weeks (at least 2) and then hang around the house for beautiful and even more potent but delicious smelling decor!

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