Celiac and Bloating + Ways to Cope

Celiac and Bloating Celiac and bloating often accompany each other. In fact, bloating is a common symptom of celiac disease. In this post I will cover what bloating is, why it happens, and how to cope with it. Table of Contents Celiac Disease 101 In order to understand the why behind celiac bloating, we must […]

Salmon Cucumber Sushi Cups (gluten-free + grain-free)

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These Salmon Cucumber Sushi Cups come together faster than you can boil rice for real sushi. They are grain-free and gluten-free (so trendy I know!). I love sushi but I don’t love rolling it. That’s right, I said it. Unless I’m buying it at the store or from a restaurant (which I’m cheap so this […]

How to Check Food Labels for Gluten

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How to Check Food Labels for Gluten Knowing how to check food labels for gluten is an important skill for people with celiac or other gluten-related disorders. This guide on how to check food labels for gluten will help you determine if a packaged food item is safe for someone with celiac disease based on […]

Cross-Contact and Celiac Disease 101

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Cross-Contact and Celiac Disease 101 Cross-contact and celiac disease go hand in hand. This is why cross-contact is a very important aspect of a gluten-free lifestyle. If you have celiac, you need to watch out for your food coming into cross-contact with gluten. What is Cross-Contact? Cross-contact is a newer term as of 2013 used […]