Celiac Disease Nutritionist Virtual Services

Don't let celiac hold you back - celiac dietitian - dietitian in columbus - Tayler Silfverduk - Celiac Disease Nutritionist

Hi! I’m Tayler, I’m a celiac disease nutritionist. As a registered dietitian with 10+ lived experience with celiac, I know what it takes to feel better living gluten-free.

I help people with celiac reduce symptoms, feel good, and get confident with gluten-free living.

Does this sound like you?

  • Stressed over EVERY meal

    Do you freak out over every meal? Wondering if it's celiac-safe, if it's going to trigger a reaction, or if it's going to support healing?

  • Limited & Alone

    Do you feel limited by your gluten-free needs? Do you find yourself saying "no" to things you want to say "yes" to, but are worried about staying safe? Afraid of being a burden so you just don't go out?

  • Still not Feeling Better

    Are you doing everything you're told, yet are still not feeling better? Struggling with feeling tired, sick, and overwhelmed all the time?

You Might Need the Help of a Celiac Disease Nutritionist

If any of the things above sound like you, I get it. I’ve been there too.

I struggled with these things for YEARS before I realized I was going about my healing journey all wrong. After studying nutrition I realized all of the missing pieces google, social media, the patient experts had never told me.

I finally learned that in order to feel better, I needed to make peace with food. I needed to embrace my body.

I needed to end the war against my body and instead work with it. Once I found peace, I dedicated the past 5 years of my career to helping others find the same for themselves.


Work with A Celiac Disease Dietitian👇

There are 8,760 hours in a year.

You will spend ~1 of them with your gastro. I’m here to fill that gap.

work with A Celiac Nutritionist 1:1

I meet with clients virtually through video or voice calls.

Celiac coaching is free from fads, diets, and judgment.

It’s just evidence-based coaching for all celiacs.

Gluten-free coaching can be provided nationally and does not involve medical nutrition therapy. Click here to learn more about what coaching looks like!

1:1 coaching slots are limited.

Celiac Nutrition Coaching Testimonials

common questions

Work with a dietitian specialized in celiac - Work with a celiac disease nutritionist

Sessions are offered in 30-min and 45-60 min increments.

A 60-min initial session is required for all services.

This is really individualized based on the client and their needs. If you need a lot of support, you might see Tayler weekly, if you are more confident you might see Tayler biweekly or monthly.

Cost of sessions can be found here.

Not at this time and pricing reflects this. Payment plans are available as well.

This is really dependent on your goals and needs. Some people might only need a few sessions to address their concerns, and others might need 1:1 help for a few months.

It all depends on the individual and their required level of support and goals.

I am a Columbus, Ohio Registered Dietitian working on  getting a phsycial space here in the city.

However at the moment my practice is entirely virtual.