Wellness Services

remote sessions

Tayler Silfverduk meets with clients virtually through video or voice calls.

Nutrition and Gluten-free Lifestyle  Coaching are provided nationally, however, Medical Nutrition Therapy services are only provided in the State of Ohio.


Services Provided

Gluten-free Lifestyle Coaching

Perfect if you need help with managing and finding peace with a gluten-free lifestyle.

Coaching might be right for you if you need help with the following skills:
– reading food labels confidently
– identifying points of cross-contact
– dining out with minimal stress
– setting up your kitchen for safety
– educating others about your needs with ease
– meal-planning (generally)
– intuitive eating
– letting go of diet culture
– making peace with your body

Gluten-free coaching can be provided nationally and does not involve nutrition assessment, individualized meal-plans, treatment plans, medical records, lab evaluation, diet evaluation and more.

Medial Nutrition Therapy (MNT)


Perfect if you need help with symptom management and  nutrition.

Medical Nutrition Therapy might be right for you if you need help with:
– identifying nutrition deficiencies
– evaluating and addressing gaps in your diet
– evaluation of lab values
– individualized meal-planning
– managing chronic health conditions through diet

In order to receive MNT, you must be in Ohio.

common questions

Connect with Tayler to know for sure, but if you require diet evaluation, individualized meal-plans, lab evaluation, and dietary interventions for health conditions, then the scope of your needed care falls under MNT.

Offered in 30-min and 45-min increments. A 45-min initial session is recommended.

60-min initial and 30-45 minute follow-ups depending on acuity.

Not at this time and pricing reflects this.

This is really individualized based on the client and their needs. If you need lots of support, you might see Tayler weekly, if you are more confident you might see Tayler biweekly or monthly.

The same as Coaching, very dependent on the person and their needs.

Cost of sessions can be found here.

This is really dependent on your goals and needs. Some people might only need a few sessions to address their concerns, and others might need 1:1 help for a few months.

It all depends on the individual and their required level of support and goals.

I am working on  getting a phsycial space in Columbus, Ohio, but at the moment my practice is entirely virtual.