Fresh Guacamole Recipe: Fasano Diet Guacamole

Fresh Guacamole Recipe Fasano Diet Guacamole - Tayler Silfverduk, celiac dietitian

Fresh Guacamole Recipe: Fasano Diet Guacamole This fresh guacamole recipe is the perfect dip to serve for your friends or to enjoy as a snack. Have you ever been to an authentic Mexican restaurant? A couple of years ago I visited one. There they made you fresh guacamole using fresh ingredients right in front of […]

Fresh Hummus Recipe: Sesame-Free Hummus​

Fresh Hummus Recipe Sesame-Free Hummus​ - Tayler Silfverduk, celiac dietitian - tahini-free hummus, nut-free hummus, fasano diet hummus, fasano diet recipe, non-responsive celiac disease recipe

Fresh Hummus Recipe: Sesame-Free Hummus This fresh hummus recipe is sesame-free and delicious. Meaning, this is also a Fasano diet-friendly hummus recipe. Before you click out, just because this hummus recipe is tahini-free, that does not make it flavor-free. The Fasano Diet is pretty bland, so I made sure not to compromise on flavor when […]

Are Haribo Gummy Bears Gluten-free?

Are Haribo Gummy Bears gluten-free? People are confused because some people list them as a gluten-free candy and other’s don’t because of 2 controversial ingredients