Quick Pickled Carrots

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This quick pickled carrots recipe will have you rethinking how you prepare carrots. It’s quick, delicious, and packed full of nutrients.

BBQ Marinated Chickpeas (gluten-free + plant-based)

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BBQ Marinated Chickpeas These BBQ Marinated Chickpeas are changing the chickpea snack game. You’ve heard of roasted chickpeas, raw chickpeas, and now I’m bringing your marinated chickpeas. Now you’re probably wondering, Tayler, why on earth would I want to marinate my chickpeas. You know why? Because they are absolutely delicious and they are versatile. How […]

Salmon Cucumber Sushi Cups (gluten-free + grain-free)

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These Salmon Cucumber Sushi Cups come together faster than you can boil rice for real sushi. They are grain-free and gluten-free (so trendy I know!). I love sushi but I don’t love rolling it. That’s right, I said it. Unless I’m buying it at the store or from a restaurant (which I’m cheap so this […]

Cucumber Noodle Salad with Salmon and Chickpeas

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One of the biggest complaints I see on gluten-free forums is that people are tired of only having salads are gluten-free options at restaurants and I get it. When I go out to eat, I do not want a salad. I’m not engaging in “risky” behavior for a salad. At home however, I am a […]

Three Bean Salad Recipe

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Three Bean Salad Recipe This three bean salad recipe is full of flavor and nutrients. Not only is it satisfying for the tastebuds and for your gut, but it’s easy to make. With only a few simple ingredients, you can have a delicious bean salad in minutes. What is Three Bean Salad Made of? Three […]